Here are a few of my favorite posts, my favorite bloggers, and other favorites.


I Raised the Bar Because of the One That Got Away

Break A Sweat, Make Him Jealous 

My Problem With Online Dating and Where I Meet Men Instead

Bloggers I Follow:

My Daily Dose of Lovin’

Tacos Are Better On Tuesdays

My Inspiration

Oh Yeah, This Guy Inspires Me, Too

Exile Lifestyle

Gala Darling

Other Favorites:

The Music I Write To (they do a live online stream even if you’re not in Baltimore!)

Ted Talks Give Me A Pick Me Up

I Learned So Much Here

One of My Favorite Authors

Single Gal Resources:

Mandy Hale

Mat Boggs and Project Everlasting (if that’s what you’re looking for)

Oh yeah, and lots and lots of life experience.




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