Taking A Step Back And Stepping Away

I have been dogsitting the last two weeks and binge watching Nashville and The Mindy Project on Hulu. It was a really fun way to spend the holidays because whenever I got stressed Mindy or Rayna always had it way worse. But it kept me knee deep in my normal life crap. You know the normal life drama- I have a crush but I don’t think he likes me back, I need to be very careful about spending so I can pay my bills, all my friends are married and have babies… etc, etc, etc.

Well this week I am stepping out of all of it. Except for maybe the money concerns because that doesn’t really go away. I am finally taking a vacation.

Last year I sort of took a working vacation. I lived with my friends for two weeks and did a writing retreat. I worked for two weeks on a draft of a book, and for an entire year I have let that thing sit. It’s not coming with me on vacation though. This time I am doing nothing for 6 whole days except whatever I want to do.

I am going to Sonoma and San Francisco. In my head, it’s a land of wonderful weather and happy, creative people. I have friends that live in Sonoma and I can’t wait to see their cider company, see where they live, meet some of their friends.

I don’t mind cold weather, but I can’t wait to leave behind 19 degree morning and snow on my car. I am ready to see another side of things.

I have lived in Baltimore for my entire life. I have been afraid to leave my friends and family. But part of this vacation is going to take a hard look at San Francisco to see if I can see myself as a Californian. Do I have the guts? Do I see myself living there?

It’s a lot of pressure to put on a vacation, but I am itching to change and I have been holding myself back for so long.

So if nothing else, maybe it will allow me to shake things up. Wish me luck. Send me wishes to be bold and courageous.


4 thoughts on “Taking A Step Back And Stepping Away

  1. Good for you! And good on you for not entirely doing something blindly. Taking some vacation time to check things out is really smart, and something many don’t do. So many people pull the trigger on a big move without spending time in the new locale, and in my experience most of them regret it. Don’t make rash decisions after even…sit on it….absorb it…maybe even make another trip there or somewhere else for a basis of comparison. It sounds exciting to dive in and overhaul your life in such a rash manner, but in the real world, that is emotionally stressful for many and can be simply a way of hiding from grander issues. Don’t make changes because of a situation, make them FOR a situation!

    My husband of under a year and my daughter of a couple months packed up shop and moved across the country coming up on about a year ago. It is extremely hard leaving tight knit family and friends behind, and has often been emotionally draining, but we did it for an awesome opportunity, so it is entirely worth it. And remember this…if you do move, you can always drop on a dime and go home for a visit and have many a friends to re-unite with…good times.

    Happy travels!!

    • Thanks for the advice.I completely agree. No decision will be made without visiting a few more times at a different time of year. Besides, I am in a two year contract and have no plans to leave before that ends!

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