My First Video Post

This post is extremely scary for me. I talked about vulnerability yesterday, and this is me being extremely vulnerable. I didn’t do my hair, I didn’t fix my makeup, I cry.

I knew if I waited to pick the right outfit or the perfect makeup that I would never film this and I would never post it. I knew if I tried to edit this, it would never get posted.

But that’s how important I think it is for me to be sharing this. I want to tell me story, I want you to tell your story too and know that it is ok.

It’s honest. That was important to me. Hope you enjoy. Especially because this may become a regular thing.

(or not, I have to tell you uploading it wasn’t exactly easy!)


5 thoughts on “My First Video Post

  1. You are very brave for doing this! How wonderful that you have adapted and become so strong in reaction to heartbreak. So great how positive you are! My last breakup coincided with meeting and becoming close to a new and now very close friend, and she is so much more healthy for me than my ex. I have been single for over a year. I also got dumped but had been thinking about breaking up with him, so it was also mutual in a way. I think your reaction is completely normal. You’re not as upset because you have more coping mechanisms. You’ve matured, and you understand that life goes on. My blog is private, but I invited you to see it and would love to get feedback from you on occasion.

  2. That was great video post. Writing down emotions is different thing and saying them much harder. And while saying it you start realizing some stuff which you couldn’t before. I guess it is better to speak our emotions out loud then just writing. Other thing about feeling okay after break up is certainly not because he didn’t mean for you that much. It is because you understand why you guys broke up. As you mentioned you guys were honest to each other and you how he feels and why it was not working. So it is perfectly normal. I didn’t have exactly break up but something like that i was okay too. She meant everything to me still i was okay so it’s normal. And i do agree with your line “i know it’s gonna be okay but sometimes it’s good to hear from others. :D”
    Well someone will surely find you rather you will find someone. So it’s okay to be sad but still keep posting and keep smiling too. I really liked video. Looking forward to see more video post. ^_^

      • No need to thank really. I am just being honest. I guess I have been through lot of stuff so I kinda understand what you feel. And I would really looking forward to see more video post if you could do it. Because it helps to understand you know, you express more emotions which i could feel as well when you were saying it. And I should be the one to thank you really. Watching you saying your emotions when I am also going through kinda same, it gives me support. It kinda hurts too to see you but what you did made me feel better really. So keep posting and see you. And Thank you.. 🙂

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