Single Life Can Be Hell Or An Adventure. You Pick.

I will never say it is easy to be single. But, unpredictable and fun? Hell yes.

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I enjoy the journey more than the destination. I like the hunt, the thrill of the new, the suspense of not knowing. I think that this makes it easier for me to be single. I find the fun in a situation that happen to be in.

One of the things that I love about being single is that I can decide what each day looks like. I can accept last minute plans and suddenly I find myself in a new adventure.

And that’s exactly where I found myself about a week ago.

I was all settled in for an early evening with some takeout and a video. I was pretty exhausted from the week so this seemed like a perfect evening. I was ready for PJs!

And then came that text that changes everything. “I’m downtown with new friends! They’re fun! Come out!”

Ah. Normally the pull of these isn’t strong enough to change my mind if I am set on catching up on sleep. But my friend had been going through a breakup and I was happy she was having fun. And for some reason, I was intrigued and hoping for a distraction of my own.

So I said I would be there in about an hour.

I had a rough weekend myself, so I hoped new friends would lift my spirits and perhaps there would be some cute guy to flirt with.

I did what any single gal would do as soon as I arrived, I surveyed the room to get the lay of the land. Who was single, who was cute, who looked interested. My second thought is what vibe are the women putting off.

Everything seemed positive. It was basically a neighborhood group of friends. They were a lot of fun and were really welcoming to the two new girls to the group. After some drinking and get to know you conversation, we relocated to another house on the block and played Cards Against Humanity.

A quick way to make new friends, for sure.

And after half an hour of playing the cutest boy ever walked in the door.

Gorgeous eyes and a smile that made my stomach flip. He was tall, fit, and friendly. And single. How could I tell?

He made a lot of eye contact and picked up on every one of my cues. We sat on opposite sides of the table and talked over the heads of everyone between us. We had fun, friendly banter.

After relocating to a bar for karaoke, my new crush and I flirted until closing.

And at the end of the night, I walked with him to get the car. I was sort of hoping for a stolen kiss in a parking lot, but alas, nothing. Instead, I made sure numbers were exchanged. He texted me that night as I was on my way home and first thing in the morning.

So perhaps I stumbled onto something fun, exciting and new. At least it is for now. Maybe it won’t be for long and maybe it will. (I’m trying not to start future-tripping!) I’ll take it day by day as it comes.

Like I said, I will never say being single is easy. But I do think that each of us has a choice. We can make single hard, painful and like a chore. We can dread it and jump into relationships merely for the sake of avoiding being alone. Or we can embrace it. We can see how there are endless choices and options. We see the beauty of meeting and learning about new people.

You can enjoy the ride. Embrace the uncertain. See it for what it is and love it just as it is.



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