Developing Your Intuition

Everyone has voices inside that direct us what to do. I don’t mean literal voices, please don’t send authorities to my door to check on my mental state. I mean that gut feeling. They say it’s a female thing, but men get it to. An instinctive knowing feeling. I think that men are more likely to shrug it off and ignore it, but they do have it.

When you’re single, it is a great time to spend some time getting in touch with your intuition.

I’m not going to give you silly exercises. When I was trying to do some research on this all I kept finding were instructions to meditate (which can help) and some exercises. I think those exercises would probably help too, but it feels forced. Like team building exercises at work.

And it dawned on me how silly it is to do research on a topic like this. I know, it’s exactly the opposite of what I’m going to be talking about! The words for this post came to me when I sat still and reflected on how I got in touch with my intuition.

I think it is safe to say that we all know what that gut feeling feels like. We know when we just know something. When something feels unexplainably right. But this can be confusing because sometimes we feel a guidance that doesn’t feel right at all. What we have are the confusing voices of intuition and fear.

The tricky thing is that intuition sounds scary and fear sound logical.

When I sat still and thought about where I developed the confidence in my intuition I realized it was when I started talking to a good friend with intuition and also when I started reading Gabby Bernstein’s books. So I will direct you to  Gabby’s website so you can check out her resources, and I hope you will consider me like a friend and I can share my experience.

What Gabby and my friend gave me was confidence and permission to be the driver in my life. In the past, I have turned to my friends to help give me direction and advice. And their ideas never really worked right for me, but I kept trying. And suddenly I realized that I was looking in the wrong place. I needed to look within, I am the driver of my own life. I do not sit in the back seat or even the passenger seat- I am the driver, making the decisions that I know are best for me.

The first step to getting in touch with your intuition is acknowledging it is there. If you start by declaring that it is there, then it will show up for you. Bernstein says “Show me what you got!” I love it, it’s sassy and fun and light. Find something that seems natural for you to say and encourage yourself. When you acknowledge that it’s there, it is just like it is anything else with a vote of confidence. It starts working miracles.

After acknowledging and welcoming your own guidance, it can get a little trickier. It gets confusing trying to decide between what is intuition and what is fear. Sometimes it helps to have a list to know what is what.

Fear is pushy, and it is always the loudest voice in the room. Fear sounds like logic- it says things that logically make sense. But it feels anxious and unsettling inside. It sounds like running away, or too good to be true. Maybe your breathing changes and your breath gets short and shallow (you’re breathing from your chest instead of from your diaphragm in your belly), you clench your jaw, or you get a headache. It can be really hard to ignore because it seems to make sense, but it just doesn’t feel right.

Sometimes the voice of fear hides itself in the advice of our friends. Of course it does. Our friends want what’s best for us, they want us to play it safe and to avoid pain. Even the hint or possibility for pain is worth avoiding according to fear.

But that isn’t the truth. That isn’t what feels right deep inside. Deep inside, quietly, your inner guide is trying to tell you what the truth is for you. Your truth isn’t the same as mine, it’s not the same as your family and friends. It isn’t found in convention or advice or the status quo. It’s your own quiet inner voice. That’s intuition.

Intuition is a feeling of calm and peace. It doesn’t usually make logical sense. It may make you feel a little fearful because it seems out of the ordinary. You might think to yourself “But I know better, what my intuition is telling me is against everything I’ve ever known.” And you can choose to ignore your intuition. But it usually bites you in the butt.

Or it keeps coming around until you’re ready to address it head on and listen.

Have you had any experience with your intuition? When you sensed strongly that something has to be so, even if it doesn’t make any sense? Share your story with me! Or if you have questions about intuition and fear, or what the difference is? Feel free to post below!


3 thoughts on “Developing Your Intuition

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  2. this is a fantastic post. one thing i’ve battled with is the fact that i have a crazy aunt that says she predicted the boston marathon and the red sox winning the world series. needless to say she puts a damper on it. i ask myself “is this real intuition or am i going bat s#*t crazy like her?” she kinda sucks…

  3. I agree with this. I didn’t listen to my gut feelings when I got into a relationship that brought about more difficulties. It could have saved me a lot of trouble! Now I listen to my inner self and respond accordingly if I feel something isn’t right.

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