Is It Really As Simple As Don’t Worry Be Happy?

I am a big believer that our thoughts and words make up who we are, how we show up and what shows up for us. I believe we can make our day better or worse just by what we say and think. And we can choose our thoughts, we have power over them. Just like the channels on the Tv, if you don’t like what you see change the channel.

I have been doing some spiritual work for myself. I have been turning myself over to the higher powers of the universe, whether that is God or Goddess or whatever is out there that is greater than I am that oversees everything. I have been praying more often. It feels good. I haven’t done this in a long time.

I was reading the other day and I stumbled upon an idea that really resonated with me, it was the idea that we turn everything over to God. We can’t control everything. It’s not our job to control. sometimes it is our job just to have faith.

the book was talking about how sometimes bad things happen to us, and instead of us trying to step in to manipulate the situation or set it right we should turn it over to God for the higher power to make things right. I thought, “yeah, that sounds about right to me.”

Boss treats me badly? That’s ok, things will be set right in the end. My job is to show up and do my best, it’s not my job to punish him. Get dumped? That’s ok, the Universe has something better for me swirling around just waiting to catch up to me.

So I have been practicing being still more often, being quiet. Let the. Universe catch up to me, it is just waiting to chase me with grace and blessings. And I have to know they are there and I have to be grateful for them when I receive rhem. Even when they come along in unexpected ways.

I saw my ex today. But I saw so many people that I love being around, and I was doing a really great job at work. It didn’t even phase me that he happened to be there. Yup, it was awkward, but I didn’t care at all. Gold star for me!

What I have taken away from the work I have been doing is that I have a choice. I can continue to be tense, upset and angry when I think about the ex. Or I can feel peaceful and loving. It is so much more pleasant to choose the latter.

This post was inspired while I was reading and one of my favorite Dylan songs came on my record player:


One thought on “Is It Really As Simple As Don’t Worry Be Happy?

  1. I do not believe this behavior is limited to just potential romantic interactions. I feel that people, society as a whole, have lost most of their ability to verbally communicate with others even if out of common courtesy. How often do you hear the person ahead of you at the coffee shop about their day? Even in an office environment, I find that unless people are working together directly on a daily basis, not even a friendly “hello” or “good morning” is exchanged. You’d be surprised at how much just an acknowledgement of existence or even giving a high-5 to a random stranger walking down the street can brighten someones day, if only for a few moments. Perhaps we’ve become too self centered, concerned only for ourselves and are afraid to expand outside of our comfort zones. Perhaps we could make the world a better, friendlier place by just saying we like someones shoes.

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