How The Weather Improved My Outlook On Valentines Day

I am not going to write about loving yourself today. I am not going to write about how I hate Valentines Day (I don’t). And I’m not going to celebrate singleness today, either.

I was having a hard time preparing for Valentines Day this year. My ex is in a play at the theater company I work with, and tonight is Opening Night. Normally I would go if I had no other plans and go to the after party and have a great time with my friends. But I don’t want to go without a date on Valentines Day and be in front of my ex. No thanks, recipe for disaster. And I didn’t want to take a date just to make him jealous (which is honestly what I would be doing, because I’m not dating anyone seriously enough for a Valentines date). So I passed on Opening Night.

And I am surrounded by these great options in my city to celebrate. Great chocolate treats and live music and yummy dinners. There’s a lot of local advertising going on, and bravo to the marketers because it’s tempting! Over-priced, but tempting.

So I was figuring I would spend time with my girl friends. Maybe we’d take a pole dancing class or go indoor rock climbing or something that would be fun. And no options really surfaced until last minute. We’re going to go dive bar hopping and play pool and skee ball. I’m really excited.

But I still didn’t feel any better about Valentines Day. It was still looming.  I like the idea of a day dedicated to make sure you show the person you care about how much you care. I don’t think it should be the only day, and I don’t think that it lessens all the other days you tell them how much you care. It’s just nice to set aside a day for love.

And then we got blanketed in snow yesterday. I love a good snow day. And then we got more last night around 9pm. And it was the most beautiful snow fall. The city was quiet and it was these big flakes. Like literal chunks of lace drifting to earth. It was so beautiful, I stared at it  until I fell asleep.

It was like a weather Valentine from Mother Nature. And I embraced it full-on. A Valentine! For me and everyone else! The city is covered in lace and everything is lovely.

Sure, in a few hours it’s going to be slushy and grey. But this morning there was a pink sunrise and the sun is out now. And I’m loving it.

How are you spending your Valentines Day?



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