What I Found On My Hike In The Woods

People like me go on hikes expecting a revelation. We think things will slow down, our minds will come to peace and a teeny tiny voice from within will speak up and reveal the Secrets of the Universe.

This is not true. As I discovered.

I don’t hike often. Maybe from time to time, more often if the guy I am dating is a hiker. I do have boots at least. Because, obviously I am most concerned with the proper footwear.

I am the kind of person that thinks hikes must have these amazing revelation-producing powers. Otherwise why would so many people love them so much?

It has all the elements necessary for a revelation. It’s quiet. You’re alone. You’re in nature. There is the sound of the breeze in the trees. The crunching of leaves under feet. Perhaps some birds. And a trickling of water. Ahhhh, so calming!

So where was my Eat, Pray, Love moment? Why didn’t I have clarity like Cheryl Strayed in Wild?

I’ve been gypped.

Where we the Heavens opening up to me and telling me all the things I needed to know to make my life easier, more fulfilled? Why haven’t I discovered why I choose all the wrong men? Why can’t I seem to completely get over a very select few of them? Where was the voice telling me to go back to bed, to go away and uproot my life, to start over, to stay put and hang tight????

Instead, the woods gave me nothing. The river said nothing, even though I stood and stared for a long time. The fields offered nothing either, I was completely spaced out and didn’t realize that the dog I was walking has run off and found another human and dog. I wasn’t even on this planet, I was so lost.

Apparently that is exactly why people go for a hike. To be lost. To have and get nothing.

So why does it feel so anti-climatic? Why do I still feel like I am missing the point of something?

I think this is why I don’t go hiking often, I have unrealistic expectations. Perhaps that explains a lot.


4 thoughts on “What I Found On My Hike In The Woods

  1. After ending a 6 year on/off relationship I tried the same thing. Except my nature was the city of Chicago at 5 am. That day my time alone, getting lost did not feel helpful. However I’m glad now that I took a step back to reflect on the change in my life that had just happened. Maybe you’ll find your moment somewhere when you’re not expecting it- I know I did.

  2. I started walking (hiking) while I was hopelessly depressed following my divorce. It became peaceful and meditative – so I decided to try meditating while I walked. I focused on breath and mantra instead of pace and distance. It made the practice one of my favorites – much to my dog’s delight.

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