I Trust

For a few days I’ve been writing in response to re-reading Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. In the book, she encourages people to write out a  list of what you can trust absolutely. Sometimes when it seems like the road is too hard, that you’re all alone, and things are really bleak the thing you need most is to be reminded of what you can trust.

And like I usually do with these things that I think are great ideas in books- I say “That’s a good idea!” and I procrastinate in doing it.

Until  I began catching up this season’s How I Met Your Mother.

I’ve loved this show from the very beginning. I really identified with the hopeless romantic narrator Ted. The show follows Ted through the many ups and downs of being single, falling in love, and having all the people around him get married and move on with their lives.

This is the final season and we are finally going to see Ted meet the mother. The most recent episode actually focused on the mother’s backstory. Her first love died suddenly and she was hesitant to move forward. She decides to not settle for less than the love she once felt and dumps her current boyfriend. She ends up singing La Vie En Rose on the porch, with Ted eavesdropping. It’s a beautiful moment.

And I realized: I trust that love will come my way when the time is right.

So I felt inspired to write my list. Danielle’s instructions said no thing to trust is too small, it is all worthy.

I trust that love will come my way when the time is right. I trust that I will have the strength to take another step when I’m tired. I trust that my mom will love me no matter how many mistakes I make. I trust that my friends will be there when I reach for them. I trust my intuition. I trust that there will be a net breath. I trust my health. I trust that chocolate will make me smile. I trust that I will create amazing work when I work. I trust that my car will start and get me where I need to go. I trust that my clothes will keep me warm. I trust that my home will be warm and shower hot. I trust the calming sense I get from a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I trust that a good laugh will lift my spirits. I trust that I can pick myself back up. I trust that the right outfit and shoes raise my confidence. I trust dancing and good music. I trust that I have a bright future. I trust that the Universe is looking out for me. I trust that I can always get a job. I trust in my optimism. 

What do you trust?


2 thoughts on “I Trust

  1. I can finally say after years of faking it… I trust in my self. I felt like I was by a warm fire when I read your blog today. It was nice. Really nice. Very calming and just felt like we were having a good conversation, one in which I was doing the listening and hearing how your heart was being transformed by what you read… a beautiful thing to me and something I love to share with friends, family, and romantic interests.. so thank you for sharing your heart… it touched mine. 🙂

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