Skills Of A Single Gal

No, I’m not talking about the skills of picking up a man or pleasing a man or dating like a man. This has nothing to do with a man. And when I do write that post, I will be referring to it as Skillz. Yes, with a z.

I am talking about the skills that every woman should know to thrive on her own.

  1. Basic repairs around the house. I’m not saying you should be able to repair your electricity or anything terribly difficult but there are some basics that you should be able to do. Simple clothing repairs, like buttons or repairing a hem would be a good place to start. Simple toilet repairs is crucial. How to flip the breaker when the electricity goes out.
  2. How to make some basic, nutritious dishes and a handful on impressive dishes. Don’t be the girl that stores sweaters in her stove. And I’m not saying that you need to be a domestic goddess. But there should be a few simple go-tos that you have mastered that you can cook for yourself and a few that you can whip out to impress a special someone or a dinner with friends. My favorite that falls in all categories is Tim Ferriss’s recipe for roasted chicken. Simple, delicious and impressive. Actually, all the recipes from his book 4 Hour Chef are simple, healthy, relatively easy to execute (unless he warns otherwise) and taste amazing.
  3. How to entertain yourself and how to just be in silence. This is key and will serve you through the rest of your life. I struggle with silence. I have a hard time just being in silence and not distracting myself. I try to keep noise all the time. This is a big challenge for me, finding silence and being ok with it. I am experimenting with driving in silence. Silence allows for truth to come through, the kind of truth that you can only find in peace.
  4. How to soothe yourself when you’re sad and how to make yourself laugh. We can’t rely on others to change our moods. We have the power to do that. It is easy to sometimes turn to someone else to soothe us or to cheer us up. But how do you do that for yourself? Just like sex, if you know how to please yourself then it’s easier for others to help you out.
  5. Find what makes you really happy, what are the simple pleasures you can go to? This relates to the above, but it’s about acknowledging the little things in life. Finding pleasure in the little things keep you in the moment and helps you to find gratitude in your life. Gratitude is always a good thing when you are alone, it is one of the feelings that keeps you moving forward and brings you deep feelings of happiness.
  6. Know when to ask for help and when you can handle things yourself. Knowing when to ask for help is incredibly important. There are times when you can handle it yourself and times when it is beyond your control and you need help from an expert. Sure you can make minor toilet repairs, but please call a plumber for anything beyond that.

What would you add?


2 thoughts on “Skills Of A Single Gal

  1. These are all great and definitely things men look for in good women. I would add Patience as a skill, whether it be for the right career path, partner, or whatever goal you have in mind. Getting too frustrated too soon is a detriment.

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