What Are Your Breakup Rules?

Everyone has the rules that they follow after a breakup. I am interested in exploring these rules and I need your input!

How do you heal? What do you do every time you end a relationship with someone? What are your patterns and habits when you are single again?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • End all communication
  • Throw out all mementos
  • Listen to sad music and watch sad movies. Or violent music and movies. Or funny music and movies.
  • Eat.
  • Spend a lot of time with girlfriends
  • Does anyone have a ritual- like burning objects or throwing them into a body of water?
  • Working out and yoga
  • Get in bed with someone else immediately
  • Write or paint or dance

What do you think? Send me your breakup rules and your idea may become the topic for a series of posts I am working on in the near future!


20 thoughts on “What Are Your Breakup Rules?

  1. Looks like I will reluctantly be joining the officially single club. I don’t have any rules/strategies/advise at the moment but I expect the big panic will set in sometimes over the weekend…

      • ah, it’s been simmering for months…I feel like he is just pushing my buttons so I will end it so he doesn’t have to expend energy….
        I don’t do drama and tears any more…alcohol, shopping maybe a short vacation in the sun suits me better these days!

  2. It has been a while since I had a breakup, but one thing i used to do was writes down the positive things that came from having had the relationship; I found this very cathartic

  3. For me it’s been all about the alone time for a week post break up…and then I go hang out with my friends, guys & girls. I guess that’s just to reassure my self that guys aren’t all bad πŸ™‚

  4. It’s hard to be single. Ended a 10 year marriage and I’ve been single for almost 4 years now. Dated on and off, but only two that I could consider a relationship. I have a tendency to hold on too tight, to be afraid to let the relationship actually go. I’m looking for helpful ways to move on. I’m assuming jumping in to bed with someone new probably isn’t the answer, although it is the most fun. πŸ™‚

  5. It’s funny that I have learned what NOT to do after a breakup over the years. Whenever I would go through this major life event I would panic about my lack of control so where do I have control? Over my hair. I once dyed it platinum blonde after Luke, cut it all off after Chris, cut it all over and dyed it almost black after Matt. I ended up being sad about my breakup AND my terrible hair. I think the best thing to do is immediately de-friend him/her on facebook and email and go do something new that you couldn’t do when you were with him/her like paddle boarding or take a painting class. Sometimes entering something new when you’re heart is broken takes a little of the pain away, or at least it has for me.

  6. I would say that for me I try to think of myself as a diamond. Diamonds are precious and rare. If someone is not capable enough to love and cherish and understand the value of a diamond, they simply should not have one. So for me, ill be super friendly but thats it, everything else is a privalidge!

  7. I like to get away … physically leave town for a couple of weeks. Gets my mind out of the endless loop of memories, resentment & hurt.

  8. I always talk forever about all their flaws. Seems to help. Then when you feel like a bad enough person for talking behind their back so much, you somehow stop and feel much better. Sad truth, but I do it every time. Sad that I say “every time” like it happens a lot haha. #fullfrontall

  9. There were all these things that I would think up and decide to call him and tell him. But after a while, I gathered I was wasting the time as he had a counter reason for all the things I had to say. So instead of talking or emailing him I decided I would blog. Hope it helps! πŸ™‚

    • So true.. We all get those feeling that we want to tell the guy and we think that if we tell him we’ll feel understood and then we’ll feel better. It’s usually anything but. So I do the same thing, I keep my thoughts to myself and I write. Or I talk it out with friends.

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