I Can’t Believe I Am Actually Considering This

I hate online dating. It’s awkward and you end up spending way too much time online and the face to face time isn’t really quality.

But, to be honest, I haven’t been out on a date in a long time. And it’s totally my fault. I haven’t had time to go out and meet new people, I’m not putting the effort in.

My game feels rusty, I need to shake the dust off and get off the bench!

but that doesn’t mean that I suddenly have free time to get out there and meet new people. I need a way to meet new men in a way that will be easy, and can fit into my weird schedule.

Hm. After I get the date, how am I going to find time to actually go on dates??? I guess I can figure that out when I get there.

So for whatever reason I am drawn to How About We? Maybe because the featured daters in the column ad are always hot and have great ideas for dates. Plus you can quickly jump through people’s pictures and suggested dates and decide if you’re intrigued. That part is free, but messaging costs money.

I went on last night and just flipped through some of the Daters. Yep, there are some cute guys, that’s for sure. And some have already messages me today.

I haven’t paid for membership yet, I’m still debating the pros and cons. Yes it’s easy to meet people, and even if I go out for one date it will probably pay for the membership. But is it worth my time? I know a few people that have met their boyfriends or even husbands online.

The last time I tried online dating it ended up being a waste of time. How do I know this won’t be the same?

Obviously I am conflicted about this. Anyone ever had good online dating experiences?

Worse case scenario I might get some good stories to share with all of you!


26 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Am Actually Considering This

  1. Online dating is like potato salad- just about everyone has a different recipe. The trouble is that some of the sites are way past the “expiration date,” a total waste of time and money. However, I am speaking as one much older than you. I can tell you the horror stories though…and I have forsworn online dating forever because of what i personally experienced.

  2. Just be careful. I signed up for a site and found my friends husbands profile!! UGG. Point being that people are not always what they say they are. He stated he was widowed with 2 girls. Just a heads up. Be aware of your surroundings and meet in a public place if you meet. And, never go directly home after meeting someone for the first time!! Good luck. Im a hopeless romantic, so Im still searching too.

  3. You should try to smartphone app Tinder!! Even though you may not meet your man it’s kinda fun to look through guys that are around you… (and it’s free hehe)

      • Hahaha true, but it’s more for the fun aspect of looking through pictures of people around you for me… I have yet to meet someone from it.

  4. I have tried several online dating sites. They have their pros and cons for sure.
    One thing I always try to remember is that the not so attractive dude can be the one I get along with the best. That is an important consideration for me.

  5. I feel like a lot of women are worried about online dating because you never know what someone’s motive is. I am not one to cross first base on a first date, unless it feels right (and that doesn’t happen often at all). Oddly, I find that it does happen more often from online dating than meeting someone at a bar. I have no clue why.

    What are your thoughts/experiences with this?

    • I find it exhausting. It feels like I spend more time sorting through profiles than actually dating. And then when I date there is rarely a spark… We’ll see, maybe I’m in a better place for it now. Only one way to find out!

  6. Oh, I can’t agree with you more about the online dating thing. It was so time consuming and although it was not all wasted, there were waaayyy too many wasted hours/days/evenings. All the communication leading up to the meeting is great and then nothing, no spark. I finally just started meeting quickly but then
    it is easy to fall into a “Next!” mind-set. lol

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