5 Friends Every Single Gal Needs

Our friends are what get us through the toughest of times and also are the ones that are by your side laughing until you practically pee your pants. When you’re single you realize how vitally important these friends are. Your friends become your family, and there are certain people that make the ride even better. Here’s my list of the friends a gal needs to keep sane, keep having fun, and living life to the fullest.

1. The wiser friend that has already been there and done that. It may be a parent, it may be on older friend who has already seen the many ups and downs in life. Sometimes, it helps to have someone that can put it all in perspective. They can give you hope that where you are today is only temporary. Maybe your life will be full of adventure if you always remain single. Maybe you will find love when you least expect it. They tell it as it is, and show you honestly what their life was like, and maybe you can learn from it.

2. The friend that is up for anything, whether it is going for a wild happy hour to pick up men or to make a spontaneous road trip to Atlantic City just for kicks. This gals keeps you on your toes! Be ready for anything, and maybe be prepared with lip gloss and your contact case in your car, just in case it becomes a wild night.

3. The kind, patient friend that will listen and give advice without judgement. This buddy is the one you call first when you’re heart broken and you just need a shoulder to cry on. She is always sweet, and only gives advice when asked. She tells you what you need to hear, whether it’s a speech to make you feel better, trash talking the bastard that broke your heart, or just a quiet smile while handing you chocolate.

4. A platonic make friend. Maybe he’s straight but you have no interest in romantically or maybe it’s your gay best friend. But the make perspective is necessary. He sets you straight when you’re spinning like crazy, and shakes your senses back. Besides, sometimes the only way to understand men is to ask a man. Might as well have someone on your side.

5. The unexpected friend. It’s that person in your life that either brings out an unexpected side in you or they encourage the side that you are afraid to show other people. They are understanding and maybe just as weird as you are. They feel safe, but not in a boring way. You can trust this person. It also let’s you escape when you’re feeling blue and bummed, you can retreat into a place that feels fun.

My friends get me through think and in, and I am really lucky to have a diverse group of awesome people to stand by my side. Friends are incredibly important, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many quotes, poems and stories about the power of friendship. Thank you to all my friends that support me through it all!


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