Single for the Holidays

Ah, the holiday season is upon us once again. And I am single for another round of those heart-warming days and chilly nights. Sometimes it is hard to be alone when all you want to do is make two hot toddies, cuddle up with someone special under a big blanket and watch old Christmas movie classics.

Luckily those moments are few and far between for me. Most of the time I revel in my singleness. It’s actually a great time of year to meet new people and form new relationships- platonic or romantic. I get plenty of time to say yes to parties with my friends when I want to go, and I can always make up an excuse if I don’t want to go.

I also have plenty of time to show the people I love how much I care about them. My life can get pretty busy, I have a lot of commitments and I also spend a good deal of time alone, which is important to me. Sometimes things get busy and I might not see someone for a long time. If I add a new relationship on top of that, I am trying to spend time with someone new and trying to get to know them. I like having some flexibility in my schedule around the holidays to make sure I can see the people that mean the most to me. I want them to know they are still special and important.

It goes without saying that it can suck when only don’t have someone to buy you a nice piece of jewelry for Christmas, and it can be rough when you see all the other happy couples that are around. It would be really easy to make a list of what sucks about being single during the holidays. But I can also think of so many reasons that holiday singleness is awesome. So here is my list of why it rocks to be single during the holiday season:

  1. Infinite options of who to kiss under the mistletoe!
  2. No need to share your hot chocolate or marshmallows. They’re all miiiiiiine!
  3. Say yes to as many holiday parties as you want, no one else is trying to steal time with you! No one else has to approve of where you go!
  4. You can wear sparkly lip gloss without any complaints from a guy that it gets all over his lips.
  5. You can steal away for a day or a night on your own, to mellow out from the holiday stress.
  6. Spend it with your family, not his. No awkward moments of whether or not you need to get his family gifts.
  7. No awkward gift shopping for him, either!
  8. Shop for as long as you want!
  9. Wear those cozy pjs instead of chilly lingerie! And yes to footy pajamas, I don’t care how old you are!
  10. Doesn’t matter if you shave your legs or keep them fuzzy for extra warmth.
  11. Revision to the above celebration- unless you’re going to a holiday party and you feel like finding a hookup for the night. Cuz you can do that! You’re not the only single person at the holidays! Enjoy a fun fling!
  12. You can watch Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies until your heart bursts and eyeballs bleed. No judgement.
  13. You actually could spend time volunteering, like you’ve always wanted to at the holidays.
  14. You can get drunk on egg nog or eat all the holiday foods you like and you don’t have to worry about getting sexy later.
  15. Dress for warmth, not for sexiness. Sorry but sexy clothes are so damn thin, I’d rather bundle up in my turtleneck sweater and cords.
  16. Use that cash that would’ve been spent on his present and get yourself something you want but no man would ever buy.
  17. Hand holding while wearing gloves or mittens is uncomfortable and awkward. I’d rather have my hands warm.
  18. My mom can continue on with her life because I am continuing on with mine. I don’t know about you, but when I start dating someone I think my mom gets more wrapped up in the idea of potential weddings and future grandchildren than I do. If I’m not dating anyone, it’s not an issue and we can continue to ignore my decreasing fertility. HAPPY Holidays for everyone!
  19. No potential for pregnancy scares, so I can keep enjoying the Champagne all season long! Hell, all year long!
  20. No one is hogging the covers on a chilly night. No one is rubbing their freezing cold feet against me. I can set my thermostat however I like it, and no one will complain. I drink hot cocoa in bed and enjoy a cookie.

And that’s how I like it.

What do you love about being single during the holidays? Shout ’em out below and let’s celebrate singleness!

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