Why I Am Glad He Postponed Our Date

I was supposed to go on a dinner date on Sunday. He texted that morning as I was going into an early matinee of Catching Fire. I didn’t respond because 1. It would be rude, we already saw the little video asking everyone to not text. I didn’t want to set a poor example when I knew I’d be pissed at anyone that checked their phone during the movie. 2. I didn’t know what to say, I was really looking forward to it. And 3. I wanted to make him sweat a little. I’ll admit it.

It is really a bummer when a guy cancels. You have your head wrapped around the activities for the night, you’re getting really psyched!  And then all of a sudden you have no plans for an evening that was once reserved for flirting, sipping wine, nibbling on food, and lots of good banter.

And the, poof! It’s gone, there go those plans. And you’re in a bit of a sour mood, so you don’t want to call anyone else to bring them down.

Here’s what I did, and in retrospect I am really glad it worked out this way.

1. I got really into Catching Fire, and then hung out with my mom afterwards. Catching Fire (and having my plans changed) put me in a bit of a sour mood, it was an emotional roller coaster! Sorry if I was a crab, mom!

2. I rented a silly movie with attractive actors that I love- Friend With Benefits. Mmmm sexy JT and Milan rolling around half naked? Yes please! Instant pick-me-up!

3. I baked cookies and had some wine. Excellent comfort foods.  Every gal needs some chocolate after emotional roller coasters. It releases the same brain chemical as sex. Yessssss.

4. I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. It’s not always suitable for public viewing, but it helps me get out of my head.

5. I watched The Holiday on TBS. Even though Cameron Diaz’s acting is horrible in the movie, I still get wrapped up in the silly simple story. I can relate to Kate Winslet’s character, always hanging on to the unavailable guy and overlooking the great guy. Plus I love Jude Law, so yummy.

(I’m seeing a theme- attractive men in movies seem to really help me)

Even though it wasn’t a date and I didn’t see other friends, I had the most lovely evening with myself and my cookies (ooh, that sounded a little dirty!) . And if I had gone on the date, I probably would have still had those rough feelings from Catching Fire that I hadn’t gotten rid of yet. I would have had to work really hard to be that flirty version of myself that I want to be.

We’re going to reschedule, I don’t doubt it. I’m not mad. I know the excuse wasn’t him being a jerk, I know it was genuine that he had to go to work. it happens. And I do believe that things work out for the best, so I think it really did work out this time.

And now there is even more excitement and tension building for that date. It’s going to be so good.


3 thoughts on “Why I Am Glad He Postponed Our Date

  1. I love spending evenings with myself and my favorite treats right after payday and other times during the month. It’s about nurturing oneself, and I do that well. I was pleased to see your blog because I’ve had a very non-productive day while trying to be productive. Seems like everything I touch today turns to you know what. Let me see if I can fix my gravatar now for instance. If I can do that I’ll look for my last post. It’s lost.

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