A List: What I Learned About Healing a Broken Heart

Here are some of my thoughts after reflecting on the different tactics I used to heal:

  • You cannot speed up healing a broken heart, but it is possible to slow down the process
  • There is no perfect way to heal
  • Be open. Be brave. Try something new.
  • You cannot remove a guy from your system by detoxing, washing your hair, or anything else
  • You can improve your outlook by focusing on the positive. And then you cry less!
  • Be mindful, be present. Now is a good time to practice.
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective to help a healing process.
  • I personally liked this way better than drinking.
  • I choose feeling over numbing.
  • It’s ok to feel sucky.
  • It’s not always about my problem. I don’t have to be “fixed”
  • Strive to be the best person I can be, mind my own front yard or something like that.
  • You don’t have to have a rebound to feel like you’ve wiped the slate clean.

This is just a short list of how I could sum up what I learned from my healing process. It felt like a more holistic process and I was able to feel my way through it. I really started to be in touch with what made me feel good- respected and playful. I didn’t have to hide my feelings or make excuses for myself or for the guy. And I didn’t have to bad mouth him either. I just took care of myself.

That felt good.


4 thoughts on “A List: What I Learned About Healing a Broken Heart

  1. Nicely written, it’s nice to see how other people deal with coping & healing. You make some excellent points 🙂

    (New to WP so feel free to pop over to my Sex & the City esq dating type blog and check it out/follow. 😀 Thanks!)

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