Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: Touch Me! Day 7

Scientifically we need to be touched on a regular basis. I had a mentor that once said we need to be hugged 3 times a day to stay sane. I always thought it was part of her cute Southern charm.She always said it with a lovable drawl, and I thought well that’s nice it was probably a part of your family and Southern culture. But I didn’t see any truth in it.

Until I read about a series of studies that have been performed about the science of touch. And damn if it wasn’t true that human beings need touch. Babies that are touched more often gain healthy amounts of weight compared to babies that are starved for touch. Touch can alleviate physical pain as well as emotional pain.

One of the hardest things about a breakup is that you’re no longer getting the amount of physical contact that you were accustomed to getting. It is a big adjustment. I think its effects can be very obvious for some people, and more subtle for others. I am not always needy for physical affection, but I enjoy it as much as the next person. And in retrospect,without it, I do feel more blue.

So I decided to include massage as a part of my healing routine. Many people I know consider massage as a relaxing luxury. After working with a massage therapist for several weeks I learned that it can be a part of a total body wellness routine. And it is absolutely true that you glow afterwards. Even better than post-coittal glow, in my opinion.

This was a while ago, and I was really feeling low after this particular breakup. Luckily for me, the massage therapist agreed to trade an hour massage for an hour of personal training. And, he was going through his own dating struggles so we could swap stories and tips. It was great.

I don’t know what part of the sessions was the most beneficial- having someone to talk to, being touched in a non-threatening way, getting the blood flowing and toxins purged, or being put into a state of complete relaxation.

How could I not absolutely recommend massage as a tactic to get over a breakup? Um, hello?? Get on Living Social and get a deal right now. Bonus points if you find someone or a location that rewards you for returning over and over again. There were major benefits to seeing the same therapist multiple times.

4 heart level recommend!



2 thoughts on “Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: Touch Me! Day 7

  1. Touch is a big love language for me. It’s the kind of thing that is necessary for me in any relationship, even to the point that I can tell if someone is a good hugger. I like hugs and I think that’s what I miss most about ex girlfriends and my dearly departed grandma.

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