Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: I Was Stuck By Needles, Day 4

At the end of my session when I sat up I said to my practitioner “I think that everyone should be required to get acupuncture after a breakup.”

I had been an acupuncture junkie for two years before this particular visit. This was the relationship before my most recent breakup.

I could open up and just be me when I closed the door of the acupuncture room. I could stop holding it all together and I could burst into a ball of tears and snot. My acupuncturist saw me through many tough times, including physical pain, work struggles, and a complete lack of confidence. Now I was smashed to bits, and holding on to all kinds of negative energy. I wanted to heal.

Why Acupuncture?

I started going to acupuncture because it was offered as a service where I was a trainer. I wanted to be able to answer questions if people asked about it. Plus I had a nagging knee pain, and acupuncture was supposed to be good for pain.

Little did I know that it could tackle so much more.

It Sounds Phony, How Does It Work?

Acupuncture works on the energy in the body. Energy flows throughout the body along meridians. Sometimes the energy can get blocked or stagnant. The needles help the path of the energy and restore it to a helpful state. This is a very elementary explanation of acupuncture. If there are any acupuncturists out there, please don’t hate me, I really do love what you do. And please fix my explanation in the comments!

My acupuncturist was incredibly talented. I was so lucky. He was kind and incredibly compassionate. He practiced elemental acupuncture, which is different form ancient Chinese acupuncture. The difference is in the philosophy and the way that it is practiced, plus elemental acupuncture used fewer needles. Elemental acupuncture was practiced in the five elements –wood, fire, earth, water, and metal — and believed that each person had a primary element that defined their behaviors as well as a secondary.

Five Elements Acupuncture. This chart may explain why I always seem to break up in the fall.

Five Elements Acupuncture. This chart may explain why I always seem to break up in the fall.

Speaking of the needles, no they don’t hurt. They really are incredible tiny. Some parts of the body are more sensitive, so it feels like a quick pinch. But you don’t notice the at all. Most of the time I fell asleep with them in while I was on the table.

Details on the Treatment:

For this particular appointment, after I dissolved into sobs, My acupuncturist listened patiently. It wasn’t his job to be my therapist, but he was supposed to listen to me so he knew what to work on. He took my pulses, to see what was going on in my body. (The pulses were amazing, he always knew what was going on with me- if I had a cold coming on, if I had partied all night, if a part of my body was aching) He told me we would do a clearing treatment. I knew this meant it would start to move the stagnant energy I had been holding on to for a few days.

This clearing treatment was done on my back. So he stepped out of the room while I removed my clothes from the waist up and I was given a sheet to drape across my chest for my own privacy. I laid on the table face down and waited for him to put the needles in my back.

I have no idea what pattern he put them in or how many there were. The needles were put along specific meridians of energy in the body, sometimes he would trace these on my back to find the exact spot he wanted. When he was done, he turned on the white noise machine and he left.


I don’t remember crying, but I do remember falling into a deep sleep. I’m pretty sure I drooled. The sound of the doorknob turning woke me up and he removed the needles. After I was dressed he checked my pulses again and told me it felt like some energy had returned.

And I actually felt like my energy had returned. I DID feel better. I was seeing him on a bi-weekly basis at that point but we changed it to weekly just to give me some extra support. He gave me a tape for meditation on dealing with grief.

I was lucky that I already had a relationship established with my acupuncturist. He knew me extremely well, and he knew what my pulses were like on good days and bad days. However, I still believe that acupuncture is extremely useful for anyone going through a tough time, like a breakup. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

A definite 5 heart, must do!

5 Hearts! Highly Recommend!

5 Hearts! Highly Recommend!

Because of schedules and the fact that both my acupuncturist and I work in different places, I wasn’t able to see him after this breakup. It was tough, but tomorrow I will talk about what I was able to do myself to give some relief!

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