Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: Adjust Your Neck, Adjust Your Life, Day 3

This was supposed to publish yesterday, I guess my Wi-Fi connection at Starbucks wasn’t as great as I thought! Look forward to two posts today!

I didn’t know that chiropractic work could have an emotional benefit. I was actually just seeing the chiropractor so I could better understand what he does and then I could refer any of my clients that may need that kind of help.

But after an adjustment, I felt taller and more straight. Somehow those physical adjustments can really affect how you feel about yourself and your day.

I’ve always been intrigued by the mind body connection. It seems beyond my grasp to understand, but I know it is there. We all know what it feels like when we are stressed and our shoulders are so tight they are up around the ears. I’ve gotten headaches from stress. Not to mention that I clench my jaw and grind my teeth like crazy when I am tense. This all creates pain in the body.

As a personal trainer we know that when you experience pain your body is trying to tell you something. There are different messages that the body communicates through pain, but if you are having honest to goodness pain (not just muscle soreness) then there is usually something that needs to be addressed.

Something may not be working the way it is supposed to. I have a lot of head and neck issues, personally. It’s where I will get pain first when I work out too hard, doing certain movements. I know it’s sensitive so I just avoid it. I didn’t know there was a root issue that good be fixed, in addition to dealing with my emotions!

When I met with the chiropractor for a networking meeting, we talked about what we do and how we do it and our philosophies. I admitted I never had chiropractic work and in was skeptical. He took me through the whole shebang, x-rays and assessment. When he explained my x-rays to me, he used language I could understand and showed me the big problem- my neck curved the wrong way.

The strongest structure is a circle, so the neck supports the head by forming a c curve. The head rests on this curve, a strong structure. My neck bent the wrong way. No wonder I had all kinds of pain.

He discussed a plan for how he could treat this and how he could correct it. In the middle of our 6 week plan, I got dumped. It just so happened to line up with when the treatments were getting more intense.

My doctor told me several times during adjustments that I was incredibly tight, I chose not to tell him why at first. Getting the adjustment in my spine and my neck was a huge relief. I went through my days without any pain. Until I would get stressed again, have a restless night where I slept poorly, and then I would be aching.

I don’t think I would have sought out a chiropractor to heal me emotionally, but I am so glad I had his support. I had no clue that the body would have so many aches and pains associated with a breakup. But it sure did, and thanks goodness he eliminated them because it allowed me to continue my very physical job pain free.

As a trainer, I see that so many people need some degree of chiropractic work, so it couldn’t hurt to schedule a consultation. Most chiropractors will do the assessment for free and when they do, make sure you understand everything they say and that they present you with a plan on how to fix it.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic work. If you are in Baltimore, definitely come see Dr. Adam Maddox at Otherwise, you will have to rely on your gut to find someone you like. Most insurance companies will cover chiropractic work just make sure you find one in network.

I started a skeptic, but now I am definitely a believer! I give crop tactic work 3 hearts- it was incredibly helpful for me, I think people could benefit from it, but ultimately I would be able to get by and heal without it probably.


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9 thoughts on “Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: Adjust Your Neck, Adjust Your Life, Day 3

  1. Single Gal, Thank you for sharing your journey and your ideas. It’s interesting to see how you have attacked things in dealing with your pain (clearly physical and emotional) and it’s hard to share that with close friends and family, let alone the world. Well done!

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