Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: I Detoxed, Day 1

I tried to cleanse him from my system. Simple, right? Get him out of my system.

Being a theater person, I can’t help but reference South Pacific here. “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair.”

After I finished giggling at this idea, I didn’t wash him out of my hair. But I thought that a cleanse could help restore my body and make me feel better.

So right after I had been dumped I went through a few days of eating my feelings. Which means I usually go for sweets- pie, ice cream, homemade cookies. And then really bad entree choices like pizza and hot wings and mac n cheese.

This food makes me feel sluggish, heavy, and just plain gross.

I allow it only because it provides a little comfort, but then I just have to stop because it starts taking a toll. I decided a good way to pay more attention to my choices and to get back on track would be to do a cleanse. And maybe I can rid him from my system, too.

I’ve done cleanses before so I was familiar with how it would work. I knew how to plan my meals and what to cut out of my diet. From my experience, I like the cleanse from Arbonne or my second choice would be the 24 Day Cleanse from Advocare. Arbonne’s only lasts a week, so it fit my schedule better.

You’re given an herbal supplement to add to 32 ounces of water and you sip it throughout the day. You eat three regular meals and can have snacks if you need them. You are to eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of water. Cut out alcohol, dairy, fried food, and sugar. You are encouraged to eat food with a low glycemic index (such as whole grains, berries and green apples, and organic meats are ok).

Arbonne also has a protein powder, which you are encouraged to have as a meal replacement 1 or 2 times a day, especially if you are looking to jump start weight loss.

It sounds harder than it is. It is actually pretty easy to follow, especially because you still eat. I could never do a juice cleanse or anything that stops you from eating. Not really my thing.

So what were my results?

Sure, I felt a little bit better but I don’t think that it helped me to move on at all. It felt like a really good step to encourage self care. But I don’t think that it helped a healing process directly.

I decided I am going to start a rating system so that you know the effectiveness of each of the things I’ve tried. It will be a five heart system, with 5 hearts meanings incredibly helpful for healing.

My detox I would say was only 2 hearts. While I felt healthier afterwards, I don’t think I would say it helped me any.

2 hearts= Meh. Probably wouldn't recommend.

2 hearts= Meh. Probably wouldn’t recommend.

Resources:  More about the glycemic index: 

The cleanse I used:

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Shit I’ve Tried: I Detoxed, Day 1

  1. Comfort. For me, it comes through a bottle. I missed her so bad last night, just wanted to see her, touch her, and be with her. It sucked. Sucked bad. So what did I do? Got piss drunk and freaked out to people then wrote a blog about a girl who always seems to be there for me in the most random of times. Sorry to ramble… just that word jumped out to me. Hope your cleanse goes well.

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