Book Review, Don’t Judge Till You Read It!

There are a million books out there to tell women what to do in a relationship or what to do when they’re single or how to get men, etc.

I read them, I’ll admit it.

I could say that I read them as research. But I really read them out of curiosity. Do they know something important that I don’t? Is there something crucial  that I’m missing?

Usually, I find that the answer is no.

But I just finished Choosing Me Before We because the author Christine Arylo often works with one of my favorite authors and spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein. And there were some insights that I hadn’t thought of before.


When the recent ex and I broke up, I realized that there was something wrong with me that I was trying to fix by being in a relationship. Somehow I had never seen it before- I was expecting a man to fix my problems.

Arylo says we all have holes that we must learn to fill. These holes can be from anything, they could also be called baggage. I like the idea of a hole, the image works for me. And sometimes in an unhealthy relationship we either stuff the holes full or we expect our partner to do it.

It was like a giant flood light turned on- I can’t believe that was exactly what I was doing.

Sometimes I can sense something is wrong but I feel like I can’t quite name it. It’s like it’s on the tip of my tongue and I just need some help identifying it. You ever have that happen?

The book was very well written and had some helpful insights. Arylo tells it like it is and doesn’t let you off the hook easily. She holds up the mirror and guides you through taking an honest look at yourself without getting preachy or annoying.

Sometimes honesty is the hardest part, and having someone take you through the murky bits that talks to you like a big sister is really helpful.

If that’s what you’re lookingfor. If it’s not, well, stay tuned to tomorrow and you can jump on board with me while I surf the murky waters of self-exploration and healing the really old fashioned way- like Eastern medicine kind of old.


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