Break a Sweat, Make Him Jealous

Kettlebell swings always get the job done for me.

I can’t think of anything better after a breakup than a kick-ass, blister-forming, sweaty, grunty Personal Record Setting strength training session.

Grunty is a word now. Just watch Venus and Serena play tennis. They know what I mean.

I am a personal trainer, and a life-long devotee to fitness. I’ve studied a lot of fitness approaches, and currently I help my clients meet their goals by lifting heavy things safely. (I am also an online trainer and take clients over the web, yes there’s an app for that, if you’re looking for a trainer give you the push you need contact me here)

Helping people helps me heal. So does working out.

I was dumped on a Monday. I was in the gym on Tuesday, crushing my previous deadlift personal record with a determination that I had never had before.

The following Saturday, I had a Muay Thai class which is a badass type of MMA fighting. Like kickboxing on steroids. I’m still very much a beginner. No one else showed up. Lucky for me, unlucky for my instructor.

I felt on top of the world! (Until Sunday when the soreness really set in, and then I couldn’t laugh or even cough without my abs screaming in pain. This lasted 4 days, which made it very difficult to do this)

What is it about physical activity that makes me feel so damn good?

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I have a hard time finding time to workout. Even though I spend most of my time in a gym, I am either training someone else or working on marketing materials or studying new techniques. So, yes, I admit, I sometimes skip my workouts.

But when I got dumped, and I was feeling like shit, all I wanted to do was lift heavy things and beat up the heavy punching bag.

Pressing a 35 lb kettlebell takes focus. No time to think about broken hearts.

Pressing a 35 lb kettlebell takes focus. No time to think about broken hearts.

Scientifically speaking (yes, I’m going to geek out, it’s one of the things I love about fitness- the science behind the body!) heavy weight lifting and intense aerobic activity release endorphins, the happy chemical. Endorphins actually block the feeling of pain, they often get released during the fight or flight response when your body thinks it is in danger. Or during childbirth- yep definitely need something chemical to get over the pain of that sucker.

Not only that, but I get a reward after working out- I’ve accomplished a goal. Rewards for the brain are like candy for children. The brain gets insanely happy when it gets a reward, and it is more motivated to do the thing again.

I am extremely motivated by competition so competing against myself is a major motivator. I also want to look super-hot when I accidentally bump into the ex someday in the future so he knows what he’s missing.

Many people turn to running when they want to feel better. But studies show that you have to run for at least 30 minutes to get endorphins to release. That used to be me, but now I go for the quick fix- lift heavy things and I’m feeling the high fast.

Do you also work out to feel better? What is your go-to exercise? Do you have another activity you prefer?

Would you like some help and guidance with your workouts? Drop me a line here and I will give you a free consultation!

Kettlebell swings always get the job done for me.

Kettlebell swings always get the job done for me.


3 thoughts on “Break a Sweat, Make Him Jealous

  1. The endorphins part made me giggle because I thought of that line from Legally Blonde, “endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t kill their husbands” haha! I personally like riding my bike and jamming out to either Pink or Ozzy for about an hour. Can’t feel my thighs but I feel like I’m stuck on cloud 9! 🙂

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