Epic Breakups And The Final “Screw You!”

Two weeks ago the Huffington Post wrote about this”epic breakup letter.” I gave it a read, and gave a cheer for the lady that wrote her feelings and let the guy have it. I also wondered why she dated such a dud, but then I remembered I have been there. Many times. So no judgement here.

I used to always be the nice girl, the one that took the high road and didn’t say anything to the jerks because they didn’t deserve any more attention. Until I dated a guy that blocked my number.

I met him at a bar after a boat show. He worked for a company that did repairs on boats and his boss was a French Canadian that was just as excited to get his employee drunk as he was to try to get him laid.

We made out a little bit, but he did not come home with me. I was on a girl’s night and I wasn’t ditching my friend. We set up a lunch date for that week. The lunch date was good, more making out and we set up another date for the next week.

We flirted by text that night. But nothing out of ordinary or offensive. I didn’t talk to him for a few days and dropped him a casual text to say hello. And I got a weird error message.

So I tried again. Same thing. Then I called because I thought it was my phone.

Nope. My number had been BLOCKED.

Say what? This seemed like a completely unreasonable reaction after a date and flirty text conversation.

So either the guy was a total asshole that didn’t want a second date. Or perhaps he was married/engaged/in a serious relationship and the girl found out he was dating someone else.

Whatever the situation was, blocking my number took effort- like logging into your phone account and putting my number in and hitting the block button.

I wasn’t letting this go easily. I waited a day or two and really thought about what I wanted to say. I called from my roommates phone and left a message to say there was no need to block my number. He was obviously so far away from a mature adult I wouldn’t want to waste my time with him. I called him a  douchebag and I hung up.

God that felt good. It was great to let an asshole know he’s an asshole. In case there was any doubt.

What’s your epic breakup story? Have you ever really told someone off? Let’s hear it!


11 thoughts on “Epic Breakups And The Final “Screw You!”

  1. I wish. I’m the opposite. Always trying to let them know I still care about them as a human being. Spineless, I now. But it’s nice to read that other people can just let those who hurt them have it. I’m sure I’ll get there one day. Maybe.

    • I do both. More often I do still care about them as a person, and walk away and choose to not engage in any conversation after it ends. This guy had it coming though. And I figured why not since I definitely wasn’t hearing from him ever again!

  2. When I was 21, I was going out with a 37 year old. Another story all in itself. The whole relationship was just getting too weird. When I broke up with her, she went crazy and ended up throwing all my stuff in the street. I became extremely worried because she owned a gun and had a concealed carry permit and I had never seen her this way. I ended up quitting my job and moving to a small town over the weekend in order to disappear. I heard rumors for months to follow that she ‘was looking for me’.

    • Yeah, I hear you. It depends on the situation, I think. And the reason behind why you want to tell the other person off. I felt better because this guy wasn’t anything more than one date really, I had very little invested. However, I always know that if I’m doing it for closure I’m better off finding it within myself because I never get what I want from the other person. Usually I get more confused! Good luck, let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  3. “revenge is a dish best served cold” Although I don’t always think of it like that…It’s not that I want to hurt anyone. In older times it was thought of best to mind your own business and not make a fuss. Maybe it is better just to walk away. But that has never been my style. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am an open book. No guessing games. And if you do me wrong or wrong someone close to me. I will let you know, I will be honest and there is no way I am letting a person be a douche bag and get off scott free. My life is a series of breakups. My dad left when I was 13. I relate so much to Sex and the City. I am a single girl just trying to find my place in this world. I think we would make good friends. I am about you age and all of my friends of my youth are married with kids pretty much. Good luck to you.

    • Hahaha love it! I could probably learn a lot from you, I am trying to be more direct and open. I am learning that I prefer the open book philosophy. Screw the foolishness and hiding. Be real. Y’know? Thank you for sharing your story! Good luck in California, I’ll be here on the east coast rooting for you (while being a lil jealous that I’m not doing the same thing!)

  4. Haha what an asshole… my epic high school break up 7 years ago…..

    We dated a year and a half, and he was my fiest real bf and we both lost our virginity to each other. He was immature as a high school junior and his friends, uggh kinda douches not I think about it lol.

    He started ignoring me and had not set anything up to meet me for a date or hang out or hook up session. I was kinda devastated because being my “first” I was *so* in love. I went to a baseball game at his school and he pretty much ignored me. I was done. I left with my friend called him and told him it was over and to meet me to get his shit. That night I threw his class ring and was very upset.

    The next day someone said, well I knew he was taking Megan home from school and didn’t know if you knew that or not. NOPE didn’t know that but after seeing a weird text from her one day and he freaked out when I saw it….it made perfect sense.

    I went a lil crazy and went to his school vs my schools volleyball game a few days later. Yup he’s sitting with Megan. I called her out on it after the game and well hit her in the face in front of everyone. I didn’t really want to her her physically but I wanted to embarrass her like she had done to me.

    Needless to say, I was very hurt but hey I’m still living lol.

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