What To Do If You Find Yourself Without A Distraction

It’s Sunday and you have nothing planned. Nadda.Zip.Zilch. But we all know that one of the keys to getting over someone is to keep busy!

It’s times like these, I have Mr. Bill’s voice echo in my head:

Oh no, Mr. Bill!

Oh no, Mr. Bill!

I’m a big fan of the old SNL sketches. Classic.

I digress. So there’s nothing to do. Friends already have plans for brunch with their husbands or they’re busy with their babies. Idle hands are the devil’s playground, and it can lead to obsessing or over-thinking things.

Or worse. I might start drafting an email to the ex.

So what do I do if I find myself with a day of nothing planned? This happens so rarely for me, normally I lay like a vegetable and watch something from redbox or I catch up on TV shows or watch reruns. (My new favorite is The Getaway on Esquire network. Getting to watch Ryan Kwanten run around Los Angeles with his gorgeous Australian accent and abs? Um yes please. What ex? What was I trying to forget?)

Here is a list of my items that I can do solo that will keep me uber-distracted, and somewhat productive:

  • Focus on redecorating my apartment. I scour ApartmentTherapy.com for inspiration and Craigslist for deals. And pinterest, of course.
  • Try out new recipes. I spent this morning experimenting with some smoothie recipes. Strange concoction that really worked: beet, green apple, handful of kale, celery, a little lemon. I kinda wish I had some fresh parsley maybe, but it was delicious! And the big mess gave me more to do.
  • Mega cleaning- not just the normal surface stuff. Clean makeup brushes, scrub the floors, move furniture and get all of it.
  • Take myself to the movies. See either an action movie or something that does not have a romantic focus.
  • Tackle a new project. I am really interesting in rehabbing furniture, and think I will be picking it up as a new hobby. I love the idea of seeing the potential of something old and flipping it to make it shiny, new and beautiful.
  • Writing. I am working on the bones of a play. We’ll see where it goes.
  • Put together a stellar outfit, take myself out for brunch (bring a book if you’d like), and make some new friends.
  • Let’s address the pink elephant in the room: It’s Sunday and football is everywhere. I may just slap on a purple t shirt, a skirt, and boots. I  make friends with guys at the bar and ask questions during commercials. This doesn’t work with every guy, but the right guy will love helping to crack the mystery of football.

I rarely feel like I am not busy, as you may be able to tell from my list. I like projects, I like feeling productive during my days. And it helps me to keep moving forward.

I laid around all morning reading the New York Times and watching my new favorite show. I think today I’m going to take a walk to our hip little neighborhood thrift store and see if I can find some projects for my home. What are your lazy Sunday plans??



3 thoughts on “What To Do If You Find Yourself Without A Distraction

  1. I liked the idea behind your blog. Just recently got dumped by my girlfriend so reading your thoughts has kind of broken that feeling of all alone and transformed it into a feeling of “oh, you too!?” I plan on connecting with people today, spent this morning writing and trying to figure this blog thing out, and maybe a cinnamon scented candle with a journal and a good book. Yup. That’s my Sunday. Enjoy yours!

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