A List: Who Have I Dated?

Yesterday I posted about where I meet men. I am often told that I date such a wide variety of men, which is true. So today I am posting a list of the different types of men I have dated. I’ve been told there is a military bingo out there, you get bingo when you date one from each major branch of the military. I wish there was actual bingo cards for dating. A fun game to play with your friends. Or like Go Fish. Playing cards that you could swap and trade. Perhaps there is a side business in this idea… Hm…

Anyway, many years ago I realized that I was dating the same guy over and over again. I was in a rut. So I decided to just say yes to whatever offers came my way. See what it all turned into. It definitely opened my eyes a lot, and I learned a lot too.

This list in not complete, there are some guys I dated so long ago and only went on one or two dates and now I can’t remember. I will update this post if I can remember more about them.

I have dated:

  • Mechanic
  • Train driver
  • Sailor
  • Actor
  • Cop
  • Director
  • Former butcher turned salesman
  • Computer repair guy
  • Bartender
  • The guy that plans emergency routes for bad weather
  • Graphic designer
  • The director of security at the Ravens stadium
  • Bridge engineer
  • A guy that owns a restaurant in Costa Rica
  • Assistant manager of an Enterprise (Rent a Car)
  • Sushi chef
  • Park ranger at Lincoln monument
  • Baseball scout
  • Chef and owner of an awesome creole restaurant
  • Guy that sold lacrosse trophies online
  • Manager of a running store
  • HR rep (not at my company!)
  • Radio sound engineer
  • Semi-professional poker player
  • Civil engineer
  • IT guy for a government agency
Works every time.

Works every time.

While it is a long list, and there are many more additions I could make since I’m including even dates that only happened once or twice, I still have a lot to learn. As a part of my journey that I am undertaking as a Single Woman again, I am exploring the reasons why I feel like I need to date and keep busy. Even though there is variety in this list, I am still most attracted to passionate men that are workaholics. Why am I afraid of a full time relationship? What am I hiding? What am I running from? Why am I pushing away relationships? What do I really want.

These are big questions. Big realizations that I am on the verge of breaking through. How exciting!

Thank you, dear reader, for joining me on this. I appreciate the company.


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