Writing every day for a month straight


For November, I am joining BlogHer for NaBloPoMo. In laymen’s terms, I will be writing every day for 30 days in November. I decided to join because since I have started a brand new blog, I think this is an awesome way for me to jump start and really get things rolling.

November is regarded as the month where writers commit to writing a novel in a month. What a hell of a challenge. Gretchen Rubin attempted this challenge during her Happiness Project. And although she said that the novel was not her best writing, she was thrilled by the accomplishment. It really is an accomplishment- to write a novel in a month! Can you imagine? While my challenge is not to write a novel in a month, I am still excited to tackle this challenge.

I started this blog so that I could share my story of my breakup and living as a single woman. I think it is important to share this in a community style outlet so that I can provide a place where a conversation can happen. On a side note, I just had to correct a typo of mine when I typed converstation- So maybe that’s what this is. It’s a converstation. A Station for Conversation.

Studies have shown that women bond in a face to face conversation oriented manner. While you and I are not face to face, I think it is still important to host a place to keep talking. So consider this your safe space, feel free to submit topics or ask questions or make suggestions for what you think would be an interesting topic to explore around being single or for getting over a breakup. I’m all ears!


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