“F*ck this guy!”

I am a big fan of E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine. The woman dishes out sassy advice to readers with a capital S. I’ve always enjoyed reading her column in Elle magazine, and I am a little ashamed to admit that once in a while I have caught myself asking “What would E. Jean tell me to do right now?”

So I recently read her advice to a guy that wants his ex girlfriend back. She tells him that she fully support the ways that his ex is trying to keep him away and that “girlfriend be all  ‘Fuck this guy!'”

I thought to myself, YES! That’s absolutely right. That is absolutely the attitude adjustment that I have been missing this whole time.

I can do mopey, sad and brokenhearted. What I don’t do very well after a breakup is becoming that sassy gal with an attitude that says “Next!”

What I really connected to in this article was the fact that the breakup conversation is just another breakup cliche. Even when I thought that I had a great breakup this time around, I still got the typical line of “I want to see other people, this is bad timing, blah blah blah.” In the end, there is no such thing as a “good” breakup, maybe it’s just that the breakup gave each of us the space and respect to end a relationship. And the best way for me to keep moving on and NOT look back is to remind myself that he chose to walk away.   Isn’t that the best way to move on? Seriously, it is so freeing and empowering to yell out loud in my car “F*ck this guy!” and know that there are better things ahead of me. There is no guy shortage, there are plenty of them out there!


6 thoughts on ““F*ck this guy!”

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