Tip: Do something creative




    I have a great appreciation for people that make good art- and I define art as anything that is done with passion, excitement and expression. Many people can express themselves through mediums that don’t involve musical notes or a paintbrush. An accountant that puts his soul into his work is making art. So when I see someone is such full expression as Asli of the Tontons, I am in awe. This woman felt the music from the tips of her toes all the way to the ends of her fro, and each movement she made was layered into an expression of the music. It was captivating. Listening to just the music alone doesn’t do her performance total justice.

     It reminded me of something that accidentally worked in my favor during the breakup. I was dumped on the exact same day that I was beginning rehearsals for a play I was stage managing. This was my return to stage managing from the beginning of the rehearsal process instead of coming in to run only the technical aspects as it was about to go into production. I enjoy stage managing and I haven’t done it in a while because I couldn’t fully commit to doing my best work. I never want to be a part of something that I feel like I am giving a half-assed effort. I knew I was going to be committed to this show about 4 hours a night for 5 days a week. 

   Yes, everyone tells you to be busy and to stay distracted. This isn’t really new advice, and that isn’t what I wanted to share. I want to share the importance of having something that you can be passionate about, something that you can express yourself fully in and put your soul into. It helped that this was a group of talented people, who all respected and helped each other’s talents to be used, and we all created something that we were proud of. 
    Stage management is an art to me. There is a way to do it really, really well. And that is what I strive for, I work really hard to do a good job and to make it all seem effortless. That is art. There is something to be said for working really hard at something that speaks to your soul and working to make it seem like it comes easily to you. And then you find something in the end that you have created as an expression of something that is inside you and you can be proud of that.

     Elizabeth Gilbert once spoke about the art of writing. She talked about it being something that is inside of you that you are letting out. What is inside of you that needs to come out? Something that would pour out of you like there has been a hole cracked in a dam. Burst the dam, let it pour forth into whatever you have inside you. Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but were afraid to? The time after a breakup is the time to explore something new, the time that you get a free pass to do whatever you want. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can just shrug it off and blame the breakup.



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