Single and Starting Over

I find that I have spent enough time as a single gal. As a single gal, I get some experience dealing with breakups. Each one is hard for its own reasons, and some are easier than others. But I think I nailed it last time. (Jeez, nailed it? What am I thinking? Who says they nailed a breakup, and what exactly does that mean? Stick with me, I’ll explain.) I’ve had my heart broken, and I’ve held onto the relationship long after it was over, and I’ve cried and broken my own heart thousands of times thinking that he’ll come back and change his mind. I’m emotionally driven and a hopeless romantic. I am also a picky dater, I don’t keep men around that I am not fully invested in. So when I keep a guy around it’s because I really like the guy. So, when I went through my last breakup I was devastated, sad, and heartbroken but I healed faster than I ever have. I feel like I had somewhat of a system that got me through.

     I’d like to share that here. I know I am not alone when it comes to dating and breakups. I know we all suffer, and sometimes community and a safe space is what we need to feel better. I will share what I have gone through and some of the tips I followed. I’d like to hear your story too. I care about what you’re going through because I believe as human beings we are all connected and what I go through relates to what you go through and vice versa. I do care, and I will listen so your story gets heard. 

    In the coming days, I will share my story about what happened in my breakup and how I dealt to get over it. So I ask you, what’s your breakup story? I’m here to listen. Image


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